Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Israeli Zionist State's Genocide Of The Palestionian People.

         John Pilger gives us a glimpse of the daily humiliation and terrorising of the Palestinian people under the dictate of the Israeli Zionist state. Not a new video, but the picture today is still the same pattern, brutality, humiliation, and terror, washes over the people of Palestine on a daily basis. The Zionist state of Israel is  proceeding with its policy of land grabbing and genocide, on the idiotic premise that God gave them that land a couple of thousand years ago. Thanks Loam for the link.

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  1. “It is time for peace, but real peace, not the solution by conquest which is the Israelis’ real goal but which it is impossible for them to achieve. They are not simply war criminals; they are fools.” Gerald Kaufman